If you are thinking of having a game of golf, you should know that the attire you wear to the course matters a lot. You can be denied entry if you are deemed to be inappropriately dressed; what you wear is part of the golf etiquette. Most individuals make the mistake of imagining that since golf is a sport, they can get away with any sports apparel and head to the course. This is far from the truth. Golfing has specific sportswear.

What Not to Wear When Playing Golf

  • Shirt with no collar: The right top to wear for both males and females is a shirt which has a collar. If the weather outside is chilly, then most golf courses will allow players to come with shirts that have turtle neck collars. You are not allowed to wear T-shirts, sleeveless tops, spaghetti straps and other kinds of fancy shirts. In most cases, men are expected to tuck in their shirts.
  • Shorts or slacks with no loops: You can choose whether you want to wear shorts or slacks when going to the golf course. You should, however, bear in mind, that whichever you choose should have loops where you can belt up. The shorts should be of a longer length so that your thighs are decently covered. If you are in exclusive golf clubs, you may have to get extra resources to buy new clothes and equipment.
  • Mini skirts with no tights: If you are a lady and you prefer to wear a skirt, make sure that you have a pair of tights on. If the weather is hot, and you feel as though tights will be uncomfortable, then you should ensure that your skirt is of reasonable length and that your thighs are not exposed. Some courses give an exception, since dress codes are relaxing to attract a younger generation of members, but others are strict. You should always inquire before you buy your golfing attire.
  • Jeans: When it is cold, it is okay to go golfing while wearing long pants. Most golf courses do not allow players to be in jeans or overly casual attire. Cotton pants are preferred.
  • Pointed heels: If you want to remain stable and avoid sliding around on the grass, you should get shoes whose soles have soft spikes. You can also wear sports shoes. Pointed heels are, however, prohibited, since they sink into the golf course and ruin the grass.
  • Huge hats: Once you get the outfit right, it will not be difficult to pick a hat which goes with it. As long as it is nothing crazy, you should be able to wear it just fine.

Always do your research thoroughly and find out what the golf course you plan to go to has in place when it comes to what to wear.