When it comes to golfing, proper manners should be portrayed. It is often challenging, especially to new golfers, but with time and experience, they get to learn the appropriate etiquette which they are expected to follow when on the golf course with opponents. When a golfer adapts and observes these courtesies, they find it easy to fit in with other players and definitely enjoy golfing more. It is therefore undoubtedly essential to know how to behave correctly when on the golf course. Below are some of the courtesies that you need to observe.

Be Silent While Others Play

This is very important for any golfer. Staying quiet is proper manners since any slight distraction affects your fellow players. In this case, when a player is taking a shot, other players should not make any noise with their clubs, bags or hold conversations, since this is annoying. Make sure everyone gets the total silence they need on the golf course.

Help Others When You Can

When playing, your opponents are not your enemies. It is proper courtesy to help them out when they need it. For instance, if a new player does not understand specific golfing rules or how and when to apply them, you can help them understand them. Besides that, help is also needed when a golf ball goes off the course, you can help find it.

Control Your Temper

Getting upset is not a new thing among golfers. This happens when a golfer is not getting the results he was expecting on the golf course. You should be able to keep your temper under control. You should also avoid acting in a manner which will bring the game to a standstill or discourage other players on the golf course from playing with you. You should stay calm and try to relax, even if things are not going your way.

Avoid Slow Play

A good golfer should avoid slow play. Keep up with the pace which has been set throughout the game. This will ensure the game is moving well and other golfers will not be frustrated. This can be done if you try your best and spend less time hitting your shots. You should also avoid wasting time in between shots.

Greet Other Golfers

As has been mentioned earlier, your competitors are not your enemies. Always remember to greet your fellow golfers, especially when playing in a tournament. This is important since you familiarize with each player, besides it being a proper courtesy.


Golf is a fun sport which you can enjoy. Once you know the golfing courtesies, you will not shy away from other players; instead, you will enjoy golfing. Make sure you know the rules and how to behave when on the golf course as mentioned above and you will have nothing to worry about.