When it comes to watching golf, the etiquette is not restricted to players only. Even the spectators who are watching the game are expected to adhere to specific rules and practises so that they do not come off as disrespectful. It is essential for people who are watching golf to get acquainted with the rules, whether they are watching a professional match or amateur games.

Do’s for Watching Golf

  • Maintain silence during the game so that players can concentrate.
  • Do not keep moving when players are about to hit.
  • Leave the green area after the players have finished.
  • Golf courses have additional guidelines and spectators should bear them in mind. There are interesting facts about golfing which you should acquaint yourself with so that you can learn what each golf course represents.
  • Wear sporting shoes such as sneakers, and avoid wearing spiked shoes that will leave holes in the golf course.
  • Respect other spectators and allow them to cheer for the person they support without interference.
  • Get a good parking spot so that you avoid unnecessary movements as you try to get to the watching area.
  • Keep time so that you do not disrupt the players and other spectators.

Don’ts of Watching Golf

  • Keep your eyes on the game and avoid handling your phone as the game goes on. It is advisable that you don’t get caught playing games on your phone as it is a sign of disrespect.
  • Do not have children unattended if you are visiting the game with them. You will shudder to think what children who are left alone can get into. Make sure you have your eyes on them.
  • Do not wear overly casual attire. Avoid going to the course in jeans or tank tops, and other attire that may be regarded as inappropriate.
  • Do not run inside the area while the game is ongoing. If spectators are needed to help in picking up the ball, instructions on how to do it will be given.
  • Do not get carried away and start yelling and shouting when you are cheering. Be civil and considerate. Do not carry loud cheering items such as horns and whistles.
  • Do not go to the course with ladders and other elevated items with hopes that you will get a better viewing angle. Even selfie sticks and cameras are prohibited, especially if it is a professional game.
  • Do not bring pets and other animals unless they are service animals such as lead dogs.
  • Do not bring oversized chairs and equipment to erect on the course. The golf course always has good space for spectators to sit.
  • Do not litter the course by leaving wrappers and bottles thrown all over the place. Clean after yourself, and carry as little food as possible.