There was undoubtedly a time in the recent past when golf was considered to be a reserve of the rich, and the clubs only allowed a few elite people. Over the years, the perception has changed, but the rules governing how to become a member of a golf club have not altered much.

Guide on Applying for Golf Club Membership

  • Do your research: It goes without saying that you will need to learn a lot about the golf club you plan to join. This means that you will have to do your research, both online and offline. You should go to the internet and check reviews out online before applying so that you can see what other members are saying about the club.
  • Reach out to a member: The person who is best placed to guide you, and advise you on how to become a member at a golf club, is someone who is already in. If you do not know any member, you can directly reach out to the golf club leadership and ask them to connect you with someone who can sponsor you.
  • Pay the club a visit: Once you feel you know the basics of the game and are ready to meet other golfers, it is time for you to book an appointment and physically visit the club. When you attend, you will get a general feel and know if the club is the right one for you.
  • Ask about the membership fee: Every golf club charges differently compared to another. There is no flat rate, so you should know how much the membership will cost, and whether the price will fit into your budget. Bear in mind that there are many extra charges including an initiation fee, additional fees for charges such as locker access, an annual fee, assessment and others. Once you pay the full membership costs, you will be placed at the level which you have paid for. Most clubs have different exclusive tiers within them, whose access depends on how much you have paid.
  • Start the application: Once you have established that the club is the right one for you, and you are okay with the price they charge for membership, you can then begin the application and registration process. Your club may not be among the world’s best golf clubs, but if you find yourself with members who are passionate about the game, then you can be sure that you will enjoy yourself.
  • Go through verification: The club will need to verify your documents and run some background checks before they allow you in. You should have all your documents ready.

Once the verification process is complete, there is a short waiting period, after which you become a member of the golf club.