Golf is one of the sports that has come a long way. There was a time when it was regarded as a masculine game that is a reserve of the rich and the old. Not any more. There have been many changes that have happened in the game of golf, and this page explores all the aspects about golf. Both professional players, enthusiasts and people who want to try out playing golf will find the items on this page important.

The golf etiquette

Before you start playing golf or go to a golf course to watch the game, you need to understand the golf etiquette. This page goes into details of what is expected in a golf course. You will get a list of the Dos and Donts as a spectator. Did you know that it is highly frowned upon for you to go with a selfie stick to a golf course? That, and many other tips will make it easier for your to watch the game of golf without getting sent out.

It also gives a detailed description of what men and women are expected to wear when they are in the golf course. Of course the rules on golfing etiquette are getting a bit loser to accommodate the younger generation and women, there are however some details that have remained over the years, like how you can absolutely not wear jeans while you are in the golf course.

Still on etiquette, the page explores how you are expected to conduct yourself before a game and after. You will find all the information you need here. The golf etiquette also touches on behaviour outside the field and what the marshals expect of the people. It extends to the amenities around the golf course. this information is essential for beginners who always find themselves being thrown out of golf courses for not adhering to the set rules. Do not be caught on the wrong side. Read through the site and get all the information you need.

Applying for Golf club membership

You have probably heard about the exclusivity of becoming a member of a golf club. This page demystifies the process and gives a step by step guide on what to do if you want to apply. It describes every part of the process and why it matters.

There are also some facts about club memberships that you will fin intriguing. for a very long time, women were not allowed to become members of a golf club. You will get information on the chronicles of what it took to have women as members of golfing club. It also mentions the notable personalities who agitated for change and overruled the chauvinistic rules.

Consider this a one stop place for all your information needs about golf.